How to Reach Wagah Border from Amritsar?

Attari Wagha Border

Wagah Border, situated near Amritsar, is a significant landmark that symbolizes the unity and division between India and Pakistan. Every evening, it hosts the iconic Wagah Border Ceremony, a patriotic display of military pageantry that attracts visitors from all over the world. If you’re planning to witness this spectacle, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate your journey from Amritsar to Wagah Border.

Wagah Border is approximately 28 kilometers away from the heart of Amritsar.

The journey typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour by road, depending on traffic conditions.

Transportation Options-

By Car or Taxi: The most convenient way to reach Wagah Border from Amritsar is by hiring a taxi or driving your own car. Several taxi services operate in Amritsar, offering both one-way and round-trip options.

Public Transport: Public transportation to Wagha border is very less. There are only one or two local buses that goes form local Bus Stand of Amritsar . These buses go right up to Wagha border and stay there till the ceremony ends . However , there are other buses (more frequent) that are only up to Attari (Last town of India).You may have to walk about 2km form Attari to Wagha Border.

If you are planning to go on local bus be sure to finish the ceremony early and come to the bus as soon as possible . The bus may not wait for you. It will depart when its full of passengers.

Auto-Rickshaws (Tuk -Tuk): Auto-rickshaws are another popular mode of transportation for short distances. Negotiate the fare before boarding to avoid any misunderstandings.

Route Directions:

Via Grand Trunk road(GT road): The most common route is via  Grand Trunk road. Start from Amritsar and head towards Attari-Wagah Road. Follow the signs directing you to Wagah Border. Google Maps or other navigation apps can be helpful for real-time directions.

Alternative routes- Wagha Border can be reached via several routes if you want to do local sightseeing. but it will be little confusing .Also , the roads may not be that good.

Timings and Entry:

The highlight of your visit will likely be witnessing the Wagah Border Ceremony, which takes place every evening before sunset. It’s advisable to arrive at least 1-2 hours before the ceremony to secure a good viewing spot, especially on weekends and holidays.

Entry Restrictions- Note that certain items, such as big bags as well as ladies hand bags, cameras, lighter , matchsticks, tobacco, Knife,  mobile phones (moble phones are allowed but you can only partially use them because there are jammers installed at the border).

Nearby Attractions:

Visit Pul Kanjari– Pul Kanjari, located near Amritsar, is a historic site that holds cultural and architectural significance. Built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the early 19th century, Pul Kanjari served as a rest stop for travelers and a marketplace for local villagers. Its name is derived from ‘Pul,’ meaning bridge, and ‘Kanjari,’ referring to the courtesans who once frequented the area. Today, visitors can explore the well-preserved structures, including a mosque, a temple, and a water tank, while immersing themselves in the rich history and folklore associated with this charming destination.

Pul Kanjari

Pul Kanjari war Memorial– On December 17th and 18th 1971, 2 Sikh Regiment attacked and recaptured the Pulkanjri village. During this attack L/Naik Shangara Singh displayed conspicuous gallantry in clearing two machinegun posts which were holding the attack up. Shangara Singh dashed through a minefield and hurled a grenade at one of the post. He then charged the second gun and leaping over the loophole he snatched the gun from its occupants. As he stood with the gun in his hands, he received a fatal burst in his abdomen and fell to the ground with the gun still in his hand. He was awarded a posthumous Maha Vir Chakra. N/ Sub. Gian Singh received a posthumous Vir Chakra. The Pakistanis tried to recapture the Pulkanjri village using a company of 43 Punjab and two companies of 15 Punjab. The Sikhs stood firm and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy’s 15 Punjab. In a local counter attack they [Indians] captured 1 officer and 8 OR’s of 43 Punjab and 4 OR’s of 15 Punjab [of Pakistan].)”

Pul Kanjari War Memorial

BSF museum – The BSF museum is located just outside the  entrance of  stadium (Where we go to watch the beating retreat ceremony)

Safety Tips:

Stay Hydrated: Carry sufficient water, especially during hot weather, as the ceremony can be physically demanding.

Follow Instructions: Respect the rules and instructions given by security personnel and authorities at Wagah Border.

Beware of Pick pick pocketers: Be cautious of touts and pick pocketers who may approach you offering services. Or walk with you while you are in crowd. Stick to official channels for a hassle-free experience.


Visiting Wagah Border from Amritsar is an enriching experience that offers a glimpse into the cultural and historical significance of the region. By following this guide, you can ensure a smooth and memorable journey to witness the iconic Wagah Border Ceremony.

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